The Shaman / What About God?

Oh my God.... Really?

Whenever I hear someone refer to God the question which always arises is ‘Which God?’

Now it is wise to wonder about the other person’s concept of God, and the qualities they consider that God holds, as well as our own.

I live in Britain and so when another British person refers to God there is some assurance present, that their concept of God has been somewhat influenced by Middle Eastern cosmology.

The ordinary and short-sighted reference to these inherited concepts is known as Christianity, but the truth of Christianity stretches back farther than 2017 years!

The archetypes and references to the divinity within The New Testament’s hold allusion to belief systems, which were in existence well before the council of Nicaea!

The nature of God is always dependent upon the cultural context of the considerate.

This is to say that any notion of God, or what God may or may not be, must be understood within the cultural and historic context of the society.

Thus it is wise to consider the God which we have come to adopt as our own, here in the West. Christianity at its core suggests that one should have a relationship with Jesus, and thus enter into a relationship with the father, who is God. This seems pretty cool and straightforward on the surface, but it comes with some conditions.

If one does not meet these conditions then one is not only excluded from Grace, but also perpetually punished! This sounds like conditional love to me, how about you?

Aha but you may be forgiven and so you are back into the ‘Good Books’ but you must of course get upon your knees… This sounds like spiritual slavery to me and once again this love comes with conditions.

Whichever way it is looked at the system is the same...

‘Do what I say (God) and you shall be fine, because if you do not then you will suffer?!’

The uncomfortable truth is that Jesus was a Shaman.

This may be evidenced through the ‘reporting’ of his life, expressed in the New Testament. All of the reported behaviour of Jesus is fundamentally Shamanic in nature, from the healing of disease through casting out demons, to the Shamanic death upon the cross.

The processes that Jesus the man is reported to have undertaken, are at their very core Shamanic practices, and evolutionary activities.

The CHRIST is a very different story indeed because The Christ is an archetypal force, which has been potentially available since at least 5600 B.C.

The man Jesus went through a Shamanic process, and connected to the Christ force, which is alternatively known as ‘The Christic force’. This force/archetype/energy is relative to the central star of our solar system, known as the sun.

Christ is the personified archetype of the actual physical body, known as the sun.

The New Testament is a Shamanic guide which explains exactly how one may connect to God, which is through Christ and this is THE SUN. Get it? Christ the Sun connects to the father who is God…

The clearest example of this Shamanic practice may be found in the cosmology of Ancient Egypt. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. Horus is understood fully as being relative to the physical object in the sky, known as the Sun.

Horus and Christ are different words for the exact same thing.

God is another word for Isis and Horus. It must be recognised here that there is a fundamental difference exposed, which is the cause of many Human problems. Isis is feminine and Osiris is masculine. Thus God is non-gendered and balanced, which represents the true transcendent nature of God.

The Judaic/Muslim/Christian God is masculine consequently utterly off balance.

The current state of Global society which has been influenced by this DIVORCE makes it very clear where the problems rest. Like all children of divorcees there are fundamental concerns in regard to one’s security, for when parents split, so does the consciousness of the child.

It is only through the interaction of masculine and feminine energy/archetype whereby creation occurs, as it is with men and women on earth.

So when one half of the creative force is rejected and in fact demonised (history tells the story), those who are the created become lost and confused, drenched in uncertainty and fear.

We as a culture have been sold the most devious of lies, which was/is designed to maintain this state of fear, upon a foundation of insecurity and neurosis.

The solution is perpetuated by the same deceptions, for the best way to hide anything is in plain sight.

It is through understanding that Jesus was a Shaman, and his Shamanic journey written, that we may too follow the path to Christ, and then the God we all seek.

It is a simple process which requires little effort on our part, other than to shift our perspective somewhat.

Firstly we must read the New Testament in an illiterate manner. This is to say we must reject all that we have learnt about what we are told the book is about, but also not to take it literally. If one accepts that Jesus was a man and the ‘Good’ book tells a story of his journey, then we can accept that we as people, may follow him upon his journey!

The New Testament is a map and the destination is an experience with GOD!

It may well be the God you already consider it to be, but this is highly unlikely indeed, unless of course you end up connected to Saturn/Jupiter…Wink! Wink!

Perhaps we could make it somewhat clearer? If one is upon Earth and one wants to move toward God, there are two directions. One direction is toward the Sun and this is via VENUS and then MERCURY. The other direction is outward and of course via MARS and onto JUPITER and then SATURN. Hopefully you may begin to understand the historic nature of the life of Jesus?

Rome was proposed to be the enemy of Jesus and his followers was it not? The God of Rome was and still is MARS.

So it was that Jesus desired to connect with Christ and then God, as is the indicated trajectory. He must therefore move toward the Sun and away from MARS, which was personified by the warlike Roman army and society…

So off he went then on his Shamanic/Astral/Astronomical ascension, toward God.

His journeys through/with the archetype of VENUS are evidenced through the figures of Mary, and yes all of them. His interaction with MERCURY are exposed within his interactions with the devil, and personified by Judas the mercurial character of the story…

The final action required to connect with Christ was to enter into a self-sacrificial ritual, known to many as crucifixion. This is representative of the Shamanic death which is necessary, if one desires to transcend the limits of the physical body.

Off he went then our man Jesus and did very well indeed, as his resurrection points out quite nicely. He did not die physically because he died spiritually, as is the Shamanic death including the time in the tomb. When he returned from the metaphorical grave he became THE CHRIST.

This is because Jesus became able to express the Christic force, and so embodied the archetype.

It is only from here whereby one may understand the nature of the SUN/SON, and so begin to understand the Father/Mother, God, Isis and Osiris.

Jesus was a Shaman and Jesus left a map for us all to follow.

One must become comprehending of Christ in order to experience God, otherwise one must listen to other people who claim to know.

So what is God?

This is a question we are not prepared to answer but it becomes obvious does it not? The Sun is the source of ALL life on earth, for it is the radiation of the Sun which makes life possible. If the Sun is Christ/Horus then the Mother/Father must be that which created the Sun… Right?

A conscious connection to The Christ and the Sun is a connection to every other star within the entire universe, and consequently the entire universe, or at least the light side of it.

What about Shamanism?

Shamanism is a word relating to the behaviours and practices which connect one to archetypal energies, and these energies include God!

A Shaman understands this at the most fundamental level, because a Shaman understands the nature of God foremost. This God may be described differently in different tongues and places, but alas it is but the same thing.

A Shaman may connect through Shamanic practices to Father Sky or Mother Earth, or even the God of the plants or stones. It really does not matter because they are connecting to something through EXPERIENCE and not through another person’s opinion, and thus their control.

Shamanism is all about EXPERIENCE through practical rituals and consciousness shifts.

It is through these practices that one may follow in the footsteps of other Shaman, such as Jesus the man.

Be warned however for those who control the ‘Word of God’, and the sacred ground their temples rest upon, are also shamanic souls. They are those who moved in the opposite direction to Jesus, and thus away from the Christ.

They had no choice for they were aligned with Rome and its God of War… Mars!

Christ has less to do with the churches which promote the iconography, than the light which shines in all of us.

There is however some advantage to be found, for those who control do it inversely. This is to say that the words they use and the ideas they promote are exact reflections of the truth, I kid you not.

Whatever they tell you to do it is certain that the opposite is true, as is their own prison.

This only applies to those desiring to reach toward the Sun/Christ, because if you have the courage then why not move outward toward the PLUTO, who of course is God of the underworld ;)

Anyway. We always write from the heart and the intention here was to initiate a singular contemplation...

What God are you associated with and WHY?

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