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Is The Shaman Psychic?

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What About God?

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Is Shamanism Evil?

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Shamanic Theology

The Shaman has a sacred duty to promote the Shamanic path.

This duty is not based in the sphere of the ordinary world but is an obligation The Shaman must meet.

A Shamanic practitioner has been called by the spirits of their ancestors and has answered the call. Shamanic theology must be understood fundamentally as a view which perceives the divinity in EVERYTHING.

The Shaman requires not church, for the sacred space is The Shaman and their immediate environment, including any individual within the vicinity.

The Shaman therefore is a walking vortex, which in itself is the bridge between the multiple structures of reality, regardless of the labels attached. The ‘gifts’ and ‘power’ the Shamanic practitioner wields are only a consequence of this phenomenon.

The Shamanic practitioner may be called psychic or perhaps a healer but the truth is that they are the gatekeepers, and hold the space between the spaces.

Like the ancient archetypes of Odin, Christ, Heimdall, Buddha, Mercury, Thoth and so on and so forth…

The Shaman is only the rainbow bridge between this World and the next.

This is not to disregard the importance of such entities that incarnate upon the Earth, but to add context to a confused and bastardized view of Shamanism.

The current view of a Shaman is varied yet also rather fixed. ‘A Shaman is a witch doctor’ or ‘A Shaman is a Psychic’ or ‘A Shaman is a spiritual guide’.

A Shaman may well exhibit behaviour associated with these labels but this is not what they are.

The word Shaman was coined to describe ‘A priest of the Ural-Altaic peoples’ and here you may understand the real meaning of what a Shaman is and is not. A priest is an individual considered to be the intermediary between the divine and the living.

This is only a clue as there are as many divine archetypes as there are faces of the Godhead.

For example a priest in a Church Of England Building, is considered to be the individual within the community who may talk to god on your behalf.

The God they commune with is of course defined and understood as having certain attributes, such as the ability to create the Universe, and the capacity to get pretty pissed off...

The Shaman may commune with exactly the same archetype but is not limited to it, for the Shaman knows that they are the bridge to ALL archetypes, and it is a matter of personal choice (or self-imprisonment) to align with a singular masculine aspect of the Universe.

The Shaman may respect a hyper-masculine omnipotent deity, but a Shaman is not a fool, and only a fool would put all their eggs in one basket.

The Shaman has a deep affinity with the feminine principle and as such would simply die if this was denied, through aligning with one half of the story.

So what?

So The Shaman is ultimately a priest, but not a priest who aligns to a singular archetype. A Shaman is only a priest in the sense that they may commune with the divine, but it is the divine within YOU which is respected most because this is how The Shaman may serve the all-encompassing divinity within the universe, including the creative FORCE which assisted in its inauguration.

Does this mean that The Shaman is opposed to God and Christ?

Absolutely not, because Christ was a Shaman in the most real sense of the word, for all that was written about him describes the Shamanic Path, including the Shamanic death.

It is only a consequence of those whom wish to control you, that Christ has been crucified and displayed as a trophy.

The Real Shamans of this world have been forever persecuted by those who seek to disempower you, because it was the Shamanic souls who instructed them in their immature techniques.

They know they are weak because they know they are false.

There have been centuries of social engineering designed to ostracize you from your power. Through assigning emotional fear to the Shamanic study motivators. If you are scared then you have a choice.

The fear is an indication that power rests beyond it and nothing more.

The fear has been either installed in you in order to disempower you, or you should stay away from that which you are unable to understand.

The only way to find out is to investigate Shamanic Theology and see how your reality shifts. This is to take absolute notice of your changing circumstances, and pay attention to every detail and word you say or hear.

If you experience bad luck then step away, and if you begin to feel more comfortable within your own skin then you may well have found your path.

I hope you have found your path dear one for we are an endangered species.... X

If you have any questions just ask. We are here to assist you and yours in Peace and Honour.

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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