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The Tarot tells you when!?

The Tarot deck may be understood as being in two parts or sections.

The first part is very similar to a normal deck of cards, having four suits including the face cards. There are however fifty six cards as oppose to the typical fifty two.

These are the ‘playing cards’ we are all familiar with. These are known as the ‘Minor Arcana’.

The second part of the Tarot deck used for Tarot readings is VERY different indeed, and is comprised of twenty two further cards. These are known as the ‘Major Arcana’ when reading Tarot.

The Tarot is therefore comprised of seventy eight cards, but may be divided into two separate parts forming the entire deck.

There are two distinct ways to read The Tarot and so there are typically two kinds of Tarot readers.

Tarot reading one would be given by a person who has learned The Tarot. This is to say that it is very possible to learn The Tarot just as one may learn the alphabet. It is possible to read many books and remember consciously that which each card means, such as ‘seven of swords = whatever the book said!’ A Tarot reading which is done in this way can be rather accurate, although the accuracy may be attributed to the books one reads.

The second way to learn The Tarot is through meditation and psychic connection, whereby the Tarot reader has experienced each card for what it actually is.

Let me explain… Each card within a Tarot deck may be seen as a representation of a potential energy, such as The Devil Card, which represents both the force and influence of the archetypal Devil.

This Devil card when meditated upon properly shall connect the Psychic to The Devil, quite literally and psychologically. The same applies to all the other cards within the Tarot Deck.

So it is then that this understanding cannot be learnt in a book, because The Devil means something different to every individual. The same applies to EVERY other card in the ‘Major Arcana’, because these cards represent archetypal forces and ones journey through life. Of course one may read about The Devil but this is very different from the gnosis, which knows The Devil first hand through direct experience.

Why do you concentrate on The Devil?

The reason The Devil is immediately referred to when talking about Tarot readings, is because it would be stupid not to!

The Devil is a deceptive force, and those who read The Tarot without being conscious of this often end up very confused, and ultimately lost. The Tarot has a rather dark and mysterious atmosphere surrounding it, which is often experienced as fear and doubt.

The reason for this has been layered into the words above, as it would be rude to be any more direct would it not?

To compare the ways in which The Tarot may be read then, let us dance with The Devil a little longer.

The book read Tarot reading would say ‘The devil card is here and that means self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy’ for example. (Description from Wikipedia :)

The Psychic Tarot reading would say NOTHING until The Devil had been connected to fully and psychically, thus facilitating the personal influence upon the client.

The Shaman works this way and only this way.

The Shaman has read the books many years ago but a true Psychic suffers selective amnesia, and so the books belong to another aspect of the mind, which is never present during a psychic reading. A true Psychic when running deep and clear may not even remember their own name, let alone what the five of swords means!

Like so many The Shaman began Tarot reading for friends and family, many years ago. Whoever received the Tarot Reading would then at a later date start a conversation about the reading, but I had no idea what they were talking about because I could not remember.

It is akin to somebody asking you to remember a dream they were in with you a few years ago, and this is possible but extremely difficult. The Shaman enters a deep trance when performing ANY Psychic work, including a Tarot Reading. The Shaman was trained this way by some very experienced ‘Mediums’, and so a Shamanic Tarot Reading is different from the average.

The Shaman offers Tarot readings in Glastonbury, although a ‘Good’ reading may be given via Skype.

What should I expect?

A Shamanic Tarot reading follows a similar course to ordinary Tarot Readings, but involves a much deeper process.

Every client experiences an emotional reaction as The Shaman delves into their being, and this exposes the integrity of the reading. For example if a Tarot reader rattled on and on for thirty minutes, spouting generic crap which could apply to anyone, there would be no emotional reaction.

The emotional reaction is an indication that the client is connecting to the TRUTH of the Tarot reader, and subsequently the Tarot Reading.

Very often my clients arrive for a Tarot Reading, but carry with them deceased spirits.

As a Shaman I am bound to assist these spirits and this involves ‘Moving them on’ as it is called. The first thing my clients experience is always a sense of peace, which is often mixed with the relief of a weight being lifted from their shoulders.

This is the first wave of emotional energy experienced. This ‘Job’ is always performed within the first five minutes of any psychic reading, and is necessary in order for the client to be understood fully. Imagine if this work was not done? The Tarot reading could be constantly referring to another spirit attached to the client, and this would be a ‘poor’ reading indeed!

Following the cleaning of the clients Aura we begin the reading proper, and The Shaman then begins to work with you and your energy.

It is from this work whereby evidence shall be given that The Shaman is talking about you, your family and your life. The evidence is always specific and MUST NOT be vague, and the client always knows it is them.

After The Shaman is as convinced as you are that we are talking about you, then and only then do we look to the future. This is where The Tarot comes into its own because it can be extremely accurate, when used with respect and understanding.

How accurate is accurate?

The Shaman may be very accurate up to a year into the future.

The further forward that the predictions move in time, the less accurate they become. The Shaman recognises the free will of people, and their capacity to change their minds quickly.

A Tarot reading is in fact a forward projection of current trajectory.

This is to say that if one is driving south on the M1 they are likely to arrive in London, and depending upon their speed we may know roughly when they would arrive.

A Tarot Reading may expose that which is coming, such as a flat tyre or an increase in speed, but there are ALWAYS those incidents which remain obscured…

For example if the client is driving fast enough to arrive in London within the year, the accuracy is increased as the Psychic may read the whole year. On this basis the Tarot Reader may say ‘You shall arrive in London around October’.

If the client is driving fast enough to arrive in London, but not for five years, then the Psychic has to consider what else may happen in five years. A lot more can happen to change the direction of the client in five years, than can happen in one year, and so the divination becomes less accurate…

How long does it take?

The Shaman works in two different places, offering two types of Tarot Reading.

Tarot readings are offered for groups of up to five people, and in this case each reading takes 45 minutes. These are very ‘good’ readings and lean more toward the ‘fun’ side of Tarot reading.

These readings cover all the basics and all the typical things that a client cares about, such as loved ones, health, wealth and happiness. The group readings are individually given one after the other, and are designed to maintain a happy atmosphere. In other words they do not go too deep and stir up too much emotion.

The Shaman travels to you in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

The second type of Tarot reading offered is a private and individual session, which takes place in Glastonbury.

These types of readings last between 1 ½ hours and 2 hours.

The Tarot reading runs very deep in this case and there are often dramatic shifts in the consciousness of the client. This is because the sacred space and The Shaman within it do work beyond the Tarot Reading as is our duty.

The Tarot Reading is equally as accurate in both circumstances, yet the individual reading in Glastontonbury literally removes the causes of the problems, which are exposed through the Tarot Reading.

For example a client was with me the other day and the reading exposed some unfinished business, in so far as she was holding onto some deep negative energy, which had caused a split with her partner (4 years ago). She wanted to know whether she could reconcile her relationship or begin another, and so consulted The Shaman and the Tarot for some insight.

The Tarot indicated that the problem rested with her father (King of swords crossed by The Emperor), who was a very strong and intelligent individual. Her ex-partner was not matching up to her internal representation of what a man should be. Because of this she treated her partner with a lack of respect until he had an affair, seeking some solace in the arms of another…

The issue was always hers and it had cost her dearly.

She was ready to move on and enter into a new phase of her life, but this pattern was still operating. She had met a man at work who she really liked, but already she said ‘He is as weak as the others because he is scared of me!’

Now this was a powerful lady I must admit, but far from scary as she had a tender nature which was frozen by her expectations. It turned out her father died when she was only 14 years old and she was both holding a perfected image of him, yet also protected by him as a ‘Spirit Guide’.

It was her father that bought her to me, not only for a Tarot reading but also to tell her to let go of her own false imagery, and connect her to the father which was watching and protecting her. The work was deep and the tears flowed but she was strong, thus releasing the chains which bound her heart.

This work was done before the divination aspect, and so when the work was done the cards showed two future possibilities:

1. She held onto her new outlook and met a man who she would love in 6 months.

2. She reverted to her old pattern and remained bitter and angry for at least the next 9 months.

The choice was hers but at least she knew what would happen and why, but more importantly she now had the POWER to decide herself…

How much does it cost?

The group readings are offered to a maximum of 5 people and a minimum of 3.

If there are 3 people then the cost is £30 each, and the readings are individual and last around 45 minutes to an hour. If there are 5 people then the cost is £25 each and each individual reading lasts around 45 minutes.

For the private reading in Glastonbury, the reading costs £100. This reading lasts a minimum of 1 ½ hours but normally is closer to 2 hours total.

There is a very decisive Tarot reading given but also some deep ‘Freedom’ work performed. It is difficult to say what work needs to be done in advance, as the Tarot Reading exposes the work.

Either way you shall be leaving The Shaman with information about your future, along with an increased capacity to get exactly what you deserve, which in our experience is often happiness…

The best thing to do is send me an email of telephone and I can let you know my availability, and more importantly whether we can work together.

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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