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Soul Retrieval Truth

Shamanic Soul Retrieval is an extremely shamanic practice and although other disciplines facilitate the process they do it in a very different manner.

The Shaman quite literally does the work on your behalf in one session, thus preventing you from experiencing huge psychotherapist bills… Harsh but true!

The concept of Soul Retrieval is based upon a singular principle.

That it is possible to ‘lose’ parts of your own self and that it is equally possible to retrieve these parts.

It is called Soul Retrieval because it is proposed that the parts which are ‘lost’ are parts of your Soul.

Unfortunately only the part that you may 'lose' something is actually true. The rest is confusion, smoke and mirrors or outright lies.

It is impossible to lose parts of your Soul as it is impossible to sell ones soul.

What is it then?

It is all about personal power and although this personal power may originate from one’s Soul it is not it.

We are not our Soul for our Soul is immortal and we simply are not.

We are certainly an aspect of our Soul which has been labeled the Spirit. It is this Spirit which inhabits the physical body, and this spirit contains the essence of the Soul and such the confusion arises.

A wave in the Ocean cannot ‘lose’ the Ocean after all. So it is that the Spirit comprises of the essence which is the Soul, and so it is that we have an amount of this essence. We are emerging from the Soul as a vessel which may contain the essence of it, as a glass may hold a certain amount of water.

The Spirit is the essence of the Soul and the body contains the essence of the Spirit.

It is therefore impossible to ‘lose’ any part of one’s Soul other than that which we actually have authority over, which happens to be us.

So it is that we may lose our own self in part and this in no way affects the totality of our Soul, other than the rescue operations which are often initiated.

What is this essence?

It is power in the real sense of the meaning, which is potential.

It is the potential to fulfil the purpose of our own existence, which is to satisfy that which created us, which is our immortal Soul.

We are born with a certain amount of power and this power is ours in respect of fulfilling our purpose. It is our power to will. Our reward is happiness and more power. Our failure is unhappiness and disempowerment.

How do we lose this power?

There are a number of ways that we lose our power yet they all have one thing in common. It is a highly charged emotional experience.

One of the most exaggerated emotional experiences is fear.

The average Human reacts in three ways to a stimulus which initiates the ‘feeling’ of fear.

They may fight. They may take flight. They may freeze.

If a person fights that which they fear then there is a good possibility that they are going to retain their power, for they are defending it.

If a person takes flight then there is a reduced chance that they may retain their power, based upon whether they get caught by that which they flee. Once they have run they may well live to fight another day or they may not.

When a person freezes the chances of them retaining their power is dramatically reduced. This is because the action of freezing is an instant reduction in the flow of energy, and one is at the mercy of the ‘Hunter’.

It is when we freeze that our constantly moving bio energetic structure becomes momentarily stationary, and is therefore tangible.

When energy or power is tangible it is acquirable and may be ‘lost’ or ‘taken’.

We may of course give our power up freely and enter into relationships with others, whereby we may experience Love, which is also a highly charged emotional state. We then perceive the loss of power only when the relationship is over, and our investment was not intelligent and even worse if we were deceived into investing at all…

You may have noticed my aggressive approach to this subject for it is one closest to my own heart.

I fundamentally stand against all forces which manipulate, threaten, coerce and deceive others into losing their personal power. I do this because like you I have been the victim of the very same power hunters in many ways and in every style.

Through my experience I have become The Shaman and I now hunt the hunters.

Where does it go this power?

That actually depends upon the circumstances and the individuals involved. For example it could be said that the adult who abuses the child acquires the power of the child, but this is simplistic.

The question that must be asked is “What is behind the abuser?” for we all know that those who abuse for power, were often disempowered at some earlier point and often in a familiar fashion. The familiar is not an accident for here we talk of those discarnate ancestors, who hang around the living influencing our realities.

It is often that whispering voice which drives one to ‘steal’ power from another, and as such it is often the whispering voice which receives the power.

In truth the web goes on and on until the spider is appreciated, and so it is that the structured webs of the disempowered exist, through animalistic hierarchical principles.

The ordinary person may only realize the power is shifting from one person to another, but The Shaman can track this power through the hierarchical structures to the archetypal intelligence's, which exist in thirst for this power.

How do I know if I have lost power this way?

If you have ever felt yourself to be the victim of abuse or you have ever been so scared that you have frozen.

If someone you invested your energy in left you smashed and broken. If you are scared of the dark.

If you just can’t say no to someone who does not treat you properly. If you experience non-locational fear.

If you can’t get someone ‘out’ of your head after many years. If you feel weak without exertion.

If you are having recurring dreams. If you have taken drugs. If you have suffered from depression.

If you are Psychic.

If you are investigating Soul Retrieval. You have probably at some point lost your personal power.

How do you get it back?

The Shaman is quite literally a hunter and The Shaman shall hunt your power on your behalf.

There are very few cases whereby this power is just lying around on the grass somewhere, and so usually there is a confrontation. The confrontation is with the intelligent, sentient entity which is holding your power.

This may be a living person or it may not.

If you know that it is a person, that you had a close relationship with, then it may be that Relationship Healing is for you. Soul Retrieval (for want of a better term) is part of this process.

If it was an experience you had that was terrifying, such as happens when one falls into water, then your power may be with an elemental spirit.

If it was anything else then the chances are that your power is being held by a disincarnate spirit, even if it was an individual person who victimized you.

The Shaman therefore tracks your personal power to the place where it currently resides, and takes it back. At this point The Shaman has your power.

What happens next?

The Shaman will then transfer this power to you, who may happen to be the rightful authority. This work is not necessarily taken in your presence, as this depends upon the initial investigation as to where your power is.

I Live in Glastonbury, England. So may meet you face to face but it is not necessary.

If I have a Photograph of you and your Name I can hunt for you. I can then transfer the power back to you as you dream and are ‘unconscious’, or over Skype even.

What are the benefits?

The truth is that the power we have is our potential to satisfy our Soul purpose, and the satisfaction of this purpose is experienced as happiness.

So it is then that as we lose power to predators, we feel unhappy.

This is simply an emotional communication that our potential to fulfil our purpose is reduced. Thus when we retrieve our power, the potential increases, and with it our own happiness. It really is that simple.

How much does it cost?

This depends upon the place where your power resides. For example if your power is with an elemental spirit (Accident in Nature/Scared by an animal) we should probably never meet, and only have one telephone/Skype conversation for 15 minutes. I shall do the work for you and your life shall improve. This would cost around £100.

Or an ex-partner deceived you and ultimately abused (Broken relationship with bitterness) you. This can be fixed pretty quickly, provided it is straight forward and costs on average around £100.

If your spirit has lost the essence of your Soul through drug abuse (Must include terrifying Demonic experience), then we should have a longer conversation, and the work will take me longer depending upon the circumstances. Average cost is about £300.

If your Soul has had previous incarnations in positions of ‘priestly’ power and this power was abused (you know who you are ;) This requires a face-face meeting and some challenging work. The average cost for this is about £1000.

To be honest the cost depends upon the work and I can never be sure, until we connect and my guidance is received, through investigation of your energetic bodies.

I always offer a fixed price following a digital consultation, and this is without obligation.

How long does it take?

I work with the cycles of the moon and so it depends upon when you lost your power, and where it is.

Sometimes it can be done within 5 Days. Sometimes it may take time to await the correct planetary alignments, with a maximum of 1 Year to wait. If this is not adhered to it is a waste of time and your energy will not be sealed and fused back into your own self.

Timing is most important. This is why many Soul Retrievals work initially, but don't stick long-term, as the power is simply lost again.

What do I do now?

The answer to that depends upon whether what you have read has resonated with you.

If you FEEL that you have lost your personal power somewhere, or to someone, then you probably have. This does not mean that you may want it back, because power comes with responsibility after all...

The best thing to do is email with some basic information about what has happened to you.

I always reply and offer free advice, even if I cannot offer the service to you actually.

Power seeks expression as expression seeks power!

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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