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The Shaman Talks to Souls!

A Shamanic Soul reading is very unique in comparison to other types of psychic readings, and reveals some very deep insight.

Firstly it is wise to differentiate between a Soul and a Spirit and a person. In the simplest sense we as Human Beings (Living) are comprised of three core elements.

There is the physical structure of us. The psychological circumstances that arise from this physical component include, but are not limited to the desire to survive, a portion of the need to procreate, the drive to form certain relationships, emotional intelligence, the shadow self and lower self-mastery.

There is the spiritual element of our being and here is the aspect which occupies and animates the physical body mostly. Some of the psychological phenomenon which emerges from this aspect includes will power, internal vision, logical thought processes, the concept of divinity, and so on and so forth.

The Soul in this context precedes the Spirit and actually develops the Spirit. It is the spirit which occupies the physical body and also has a relationship with the Soul.

The Spirit is the bridge between the Soul and the physical world, occupied by the physical body.

The Spirit is actually formed for this very purpose, as the Soul rarely can occupy the physical body. So it is that the Soul exists outside of linear time and three dimensional spaces, whereas the physical body exists within it.

The Spirit exists both within it and without it, and so it is the bridge between linear times (physical) and immortal time (Soul).

The Soul therefore is the repository for every single incarnation (Spirit + Physical body = Life), and as such is the place where one may interact with notions such as Karma, Life’s purpose, Akashic records and so on.

The Soul is the perspective that developed the Spirit in order to occupy physical space, and so the Soul aspect knows exactly what is going on and why! The Bible says that man was created in the image of God, but the correct understanding is that the Spirit was created by the Soul (God) in its image FOR A PURPOSE.

The happiness/sadness axis has a direct correlation to the satisfaction of this purpose.

For example if you create something or buy something from the shop and it is not fit for purpose, you may take it back and get a refund. What if you could not take it back and you just spent your money on a useless object. Shit right? So it is with the perspective of the Soul, as the Soul invests energy into producing a Spirit, and anticipates that this Spirit will be fit for purpose.

The reward for fulfilling your purpose is happiness and the reward for not is sadness.

The Spirit and the body are designed with free will but with complex mechanisms which attempt to negotiate the ‘Team’ toward fulfilling the agreed purpose. The purpose is agreed from the moment of conception/Creation.

The problem is that modern society is collectively ignorant and modern medicine treats the symptoms of sadness, known as depression with chemical substances.

Depression is a communication that you are not fulfilling your purpose and drugging yourself to not notice that is not an intelligent move at all. But alas here we are anyway all tucked up nicely in a web of deceit…

It goes like this: Soul outside of linear time and space > Spirit inside and outside of linear time and space > 3D body inside linear time and space. This is a VERY simple explanation of the Human Being.

So it is then that the Soul had a reason to enter time/3D space, as and through the spirit, into physical reality.

This reason is of course the purpose and the measurement of whether we are aligned may be understood as ‘On the path’. What this actually means is that if you are ‘on your path’ then you are aligned with the purpose of your Soul, which is of course your reason to even exist. If you are ‘off your path’ then you are not.

The measurement of orientation to one’s path is the emotional feedback loop.

The mechanism was set-up some 5600 years ago when my kind first arrived here on Earth. It was fair and honest, whereby a ‘Person’ may experience happiness so long as they did what they were supposed to.

If they did not do as they were created to do then pain shall be experienced in order to move them back into orientation, with their reason for being.

It was a great plan by the way until…Well have a look around and you may just figure it out?

Of course we had to create ever more elaborate structures to control the wild Ego structures (you), and so we initiated religion and promised that eternity would be painful or alternatively pleasurable = Heaven and Hell.

What is a Soul reading then?

A Soul reading is a process whereby The Shaman shall communicate directly with YOUR Soul, and retrieve information.

This information is always in reference as to your current position in terms of fulfilling your purpose.

The Shaman quite literally asks your Soul how well you are doing in regard to your purpose, which is its reason to create you. The answer is always very precise and perfectly clear. It must be understood however that there are many reasons why a Soul may create a spirit (You), and so each reading is unique.

For example if you were created in order to experience great wealth and develop generosity, and you are poor then you have a problem. If however your purpose is to experience poverty and humility then you would be doing well. Of course the table can be turned at any moment, because if you have learnt humility it may well be time to experience generosity.

This is why every Soul reading is unique to the individual yet also transient.

The first step of the Soul reading is therefore to work out exactly why you exist at all.

The second step is to measure your existence against your contemporary circumstances. In other words are you DOING what you are supposed to be?

The third step of the Soul Reading is to assess where the necessary changes can be made, both immediately and with some longevity. These changes will be absolutely direct advices received from your Soul, and each will either advise you what not to do anymore, or alternatively what to do more of.

The fourth step of the Soul Reading is what you do about the information you receive. It must be made clear that once one relinquishes ignorance there are very little excuses left. When you are dead there will be no luxury of saying ‘well I never knew I was supposed to do that!’

This must be understood as a consequence of knowing the purpose of your Soul, and more importantly your part within this scheme.

So what do I actually get?

The good thing about a Soul Reading is that The Shaman can do it from any distance upon the Earth, although I do like to meet people where possible.

The reading therefore returns a personal digital report, whereby I write exactly what your Soul has told me as specified. Very often there should be some evidence that we are talking about you, such as information that The Shaman would not know ordinarily, as in psychically.

The report is typically between 500-2000 words depending upon how orientated you are to your path. Within the report shall be everything we have mentioned above, along with other interesting things of which it is impossible to say until the work is done…

The report shall be precise and descriptive, offering actual and potential activities which shall align you to your purpose.

There is a follow up service whereby you can have a conversation with The Shaman on Skype for around 15 minutes in regard to your report.

How much does it cost?

The value of a Soul Reading is considered to be £150 total.

This includes the work that The Shaman does in accessing Your Soul, the full individual (No templates) report and 15 minutes live chat through Skype or the telephone.

What do I do now?

That depends upon how courageous you are…

If you are prepared to enter the world of responsibility, align with your creative aspect, including your Soul and Physical body, then send me an email and we can go from there.

If you prefer to live in denial then good for you! It is not a Bad place to be for some and ignorance can be bliss...

May peace be with you either way!

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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