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Shamanic initiation Glastonbury

This is all about the Shamanic initiation and the process...

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Shamanic Journey Glastonbury

The Conscious Dreamer is able to understand all sorts...

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Shamanic Spirit Guides Glastonbury

Here you can explore the spirit guide phenomenon...

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Shamanic Manifestation Training

The future is written by those with the strongest will...

Shamanic Training Glastonbury

The Shaman offers Shamanic training in Glastonbury and the United Kingdom.

All training is one-one in order to facilitate your personal growth.

Although the sacred space reserved for the training is in Glastonbury, The Shaman is prepared to travel for the initiate and can even perform some training over Skype.

The initiation is not available over Skype however.

The Shaman who is me has not been trained by another Living Human being and this must be understood from the outset. My first Shamanic initiation was when I was 14 years old at a comprehensive school. We were studying the aboriginal culture as normal kids do, but I lost consciousness and drifted into a deep trance whereby I underwent my shamanic initiation. It scared me that much I wet myself… Yes Literally!

From this moment on reality began to bend to my will and I ascended into a very effective and powerful position within my little world. Unfortunately for me, not having a physical teacher has its drawbacks, such as teaching the initiate how to manage the power they receive.

I quickly lost control and became an extremely manipulative individual.

I took on a career in sales and as you can imagine I was extremely successful in this regard, but unfortunately using ones shamanic abilities to manipulate others is not ‘good practice’.

The issues arise when one utilizes spiritual gifts for personal gain without respect for others. It is not that I was harming anyone but that i was manipulating their 'Free Will', and this is the worst thing that an individual with any personal power can do.

It always comes down to 'What goes around comes around!'

Fast forward some years and my second initiation began, at the ripe old age of 32 and as ever it followed an identity collapse.

I was given a second chance by my Shamanic guides to manage my personal power. I was assigned to a collective of deceased Shamans and they began to teach me from ‘the other side’. It must be said that these spirits are ‘old-school’ and were perfectly matched to my colossal Ego... Thank you.

And so it was that the war for my spirits final resting place began…

My training therefore is far from orthodox yet cuts straight through this new-age bullshit.

I am The Shaman and this rite of passage was the ancient route, so please understand if you wish to be trained by me it is not pseudo-shamanism, and it will not be a new hobby to fill the time.

There shall be no going back if you are initiated by me and mine for we shall break your fragile belief systems and initiate you into an ancient responsibility.

We are the shepherds of the soul and we walk the path of the Shamanic Heart.

That said then, my Shamanic guides are predominantly healing in nature, as many Shamanic practitioners are, and so my teachings lean in this direction.

There are of course exceptions to every rule and so it is that some of my 'Guides' are not aligned to the principles of healing at all. Each of my teachers are specialists within certain disciplines and this is a distinct advantage, in so far as being educated by 'Spirits' without physical form, rather than a singular physical Shamanic teacher.

There is far less restriction placed upon the education received as the 'Teachers' are able to rotate at the appropriate moments, as is the way of the archetypal 'Trickster'...

I do rely heavenly upon archetypal forces when working as The Shaman and so to train with us in any regard, is destined to open up your unconscious mind, but once again it can be very beneficial and ultimately liberating.

My own Shamanic path is all about power and the application of this power.

This also shall colour any teachings which I impart upon you, as it is impossible not to. Also because of the manner in which I have been personally instructed, this is how I train others. This is to say that I can train you how to connect to your own spiritual teachers, and assist you in managing the relationship but I cannot tell you how you should be.

There are gradient steps toward any initiation and training, so it is not an 'All-In' commitment by any means. There shall be as many doors open toward consensus reality, as there will be into the depths of your own being.

Behind all this bravado and intense web site information I am very warm in nature, thus we all have our parts to play and we should all know when to have a good laugh, in the face of death that is!

I am fully versed/trained in Hypnosis and a Master practitioner of N.L.P just to stir it up a bit...

In the first instance it is best to have a look around this web site for a deeper understanding, into what you may be moving toward.

Maybe here: Who Is The Shaman?

The best thing to then do is to send me an email with an intelligent question involved and we can begin the age-old dance of power.

If you are worried about money or paying me? Don't.

We can work something out ;)

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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