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Tarot Readings

The Tarot is very accurate upto around one year into the future...

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Aura Readings

The Aura is your bio-energetic field and tells a story...

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Soul Readings

Your Soul is your creator and knows you well...

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The planets affect your unconscious mind and body...

Psychic Shaman Glastonbury

England and the world is full of opportunities which make a life worth living.

The Glastonbury Shaman offers various psychic services to help you seize these opportunities.

There are many forms of divination offered by many psychics in Glastonbury, and most do a great job…

Others not so good.

The Shaman offers great respect to the guides who assist in reading another person’s POTENTIAL future.

We use the word potential here because The Shaman is not a fatalistic psychic, as many psychics are. The Shaman knows about free will and respects it above all else.

This is why Psychic readings offered here respect your right to choose, and NEVER tell you what will happen, but ALWAYS what may happen depending upon your own choices, which are ALWAYS identified psychically.

A psychic is simply an individual who can adjust their own energy field, setting it to receive.

The psychic literally becomes a receptive entity whilst working in this capacity. It is not an easy place to be as great confidence must be placed upon the protective principles of energy transference.

Quite simply a psychic has to open themselves up to receiving psychic information, and it must be said that most psychic information is loud and ultimately nonsense.

This is where a psychic steps up from average to good, as they learn to filter out the crap they receive which is generally 90% of the information.

Psychics have been around for millennia and there is a valid reason why science has not validated the phenomenon, and this is because the realm of the soul, is nothing to do with science.

Science has its place and it must be respected as being extremely useful. The Shaman does not ridicule the validity of mathematical reasoning to create the truth, and nor should scientists ridicule that which they are never destined to comprehend. Fear has its uses after all…

The Shaman basically reads the information which is offered up through your bio-energetic field and translates this back to you in English.

Why can’t you do it yourself?

You can. First you must spend many months in an altered state such as mediation in order to control your energy field, and then spend many years having the courage to ‘say what you see’.

It is actually easy to become a psychic but it is difficult to become an accurate one.

If you are genuinely interested in expanding your own psychic abilities, then a visit to A Spiritualist Church is a great place to start out, being safe and secure.

The Shaman was trained as a Psychic Medium, many years ago now, through and with the Spiritualist church.

Alternatively I also offer one-one Shamanic Training whereby experiencing an increased psychic ability, is a consequence of this Shamanic Training.

The absolute truth is that everyone is Psychic on some level but it takes great self-confidence and courage to embrace this phenomenon, as uncertainty breeds fear and mistakes welcome ridicule!

What is a good Psychic?

A good Psychic may be judged by their accuracy.

It is very simple in that if a psychic tells you something will happen and it does then they are accurate, and if not then they are not.

The only way to become a good Psychic is to first be a poor one and then learn from ones mistakes.

The Shaman has been a Psychic since birth yet it has taken 41 years to manage the ability, and perhaps become a good one (most of the time :)

The true Psychic at first has zero control over the ability, and the real challenge is to manage the exaggerated amount of information received.

It may be viewed as very deep unconscious empathy, but the issue of the true psychic is trying to work out where they end and another person begins… Not Easy!

There are a few services on offer by The Glastonbury Shaman and any questions sent by email shall be answered immediately, but please realize this is my job, and as such would you work for free?

The psychic services offered are each useful for different circumstances, and each is relative to time and the prospective future.

These services offer the most accurate readings and each has its limits so it is better to get in touch with an outline of what you want and we can advise the better service for you.

All services are not limited to Glastonbury, but the accuracy increases greatly face-face. It is possible to perform a Psychic Reading via Skype or Email but it is far more difficult, due to the level of interference across distance.

Please enjoy reading about Psychic abilities here and may you 'See' clearly your path so as to not become lost within the darkness of ignorance .....X

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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