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Edinburgh Shaman

The Shaman lives in Glastobury, England and thus many of these property services are available to those living in the United Kingdom, or mainland Europe.

The Shaman is prepared to physically travel so not to worry if you have an issue. In most cases The Shaman shall attend your property when necessary, but this is not always the case.

England itself has a wide variety of older properties, and it is here where the problems may emerge and the solutions found, for the history of a building is extra-dimensional.

If you consider for a moment how many people have occupied the space, that you are now present in, for the last few hundred years alone?


Most people consider that a ghost may be within a house because the living person died in that house, and although this is true it is only part of the truth.

The spirit of a dead person may be attached to any location, including your house or business premises, and especially a person.

What must be considered is the nature of the attachment and the nature of the ghost?

There are pleasant and unpleasant people who are alive and this does not stop because one is deceased, and in fact it may simply exaggerate the temperament of the spirit.

An angry man can be a very angry spirit and ultimately more destructive, simply because they are left unchecked by other living people.

The Shaman is able to bridge the world of the living and the world of the dead. The Shaman is the bridge and may utilize this in order to facilitate the ‘crossing over’ of those spirits who are attached to this world in a negative sense.

The Shaman can walk into a property anywhere (Physically or Not) and quickly isolate the spirits which are associated with it, including the living, and then through assessment and careful strategy assist the spirit through the process of ‘moving on’.

The Shaman can do this whether the spirit is in agreement or not.

On the other hand there are those still living, who may negatively influence those also living a life.

This does not take black magic. All it takes is a well-defined grudge which borders on the obsessional, and a shortfall of intelligence in regard to cause and effect.

The individual who wishes to harm another shall attract the necessary frequency of energy to do so, yet it is their own self who languishes in the destruction ultimately.

The Shaman may be able to assist with one single condition. This condition is natural justice.

The Shaman can only tip the balance in your favour if you are the victim as appose to the perpetrator.

If you have upset someone intentionally and you are now receiving your reward, do not ask me to help because it is not my place to do so.

If you feel you have upset somebody and you are sorry and have paid your debt, give me a shout and I’ll let you know if you are correct.

The influence of those who may be upsetting your apple cart is not to be underestimated, as what you may call ‘Bad Luck’ is nothing of the sort, as they drive their destructive mind in your direction.

The Shaman does not tolerate a bully and if you want someone to equalize the odds…

There are many ways that a person may be influenced negatively from a distance and for obvious reasons it is impossible to list them here. What often takes place however is the reduction in tangible assets, or the experience of declined fortune.

For example if a person is experiencing financial problems, but they work hard and are intelligent, then the chances are there is something external to them which is causing this circumstance.

People can be extremely jealous and altogether nasty, and it these 'twisters' who attribute blame anywhere other than at their own feet. This alone allows them to express and deliver negative energy toward another, as they consider their righteous anger is only fair... Sad but true.

They justify their malevolence internally and dehumanize another, just so they can take what they desire. These people exist and they often cloaked in a sugary coating as they sociopathically hunt the power of others.

I have a message for you... Be careful when you are hunting... as there is always something hunting you!

It may well be me ;)

The Shaman lives in Glastonbury but when it comes to the Darkness it may be checked anywhere at any time, and The Shaman does not always have to attend the property, nor your location.

There are many ways that issues regarding negative influence can be settled effectively, and if you are interested in the methods utilized this may assist you further: What is a Shaman?

I hope you enjoy reading about that which is both possible and ultimately probable. The only weapon that those who prey upon you have, is your own ignorance.

If You have any questions please just ask :)

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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