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Shamanic Healing Is Holistic?

The Shaman sees the world in a very different way to the average individual.

The Human Experience is viewed as a multi-dimensional interactivity by a Shaman, and because of this there is both an expanded perception and more opportunity to heal the whole person.

It is wise to consider how a the physical environment affects the health of the individual, yet The Shaman knows that there are many other more subtle influences which affect the same state of well being.

A well-being must be aligned across these multiple frequencies of our experienced reality, and it is from any misalignment whereby illness begins.

Physical illness exists of course, as the symptoms are obvious and this is what makes them crude, for example tetanus, hepatitis, poisoning and bruising. These are all nothing to do with The Shaman.

The subtler side of the story exists also however, influencing one well before they may become physically sick.

This is not to say that once one is physically ill that the subtle work cannot free one from disease, it is just that the problem has set-in and thus the best form of healing is always preventative.

Disease is literally Dis-Ease and The shaman knows that when the ease of being is dis- (organized/membered/figured/proportionate) then inevitably the cause shall manifest as some physical ailment.

The truth is that physical form is but another expression of energy and all that exists in the 'real world' is preceded by an alternative expression in an alternate reality, whether it is dis-ease or absolute harmony.

The Shaman is not alone as for millennia this belief has been held in evidence.

It is only in the previous 500 years that we have disregarded the subtle influences, which truly affect the subtle bodies and so it is that we, as a species, have cured many ailments in a very positive sense, yet lost the ability to root out the causes of depression and other such life diffusing predicaments.

The Shaman offers no cure for the diseases which mainstream medical science does, for they are doing a remarkable job indeed.

The Shaman offers relief from the type of diseases which have a psychological cause.

It could be argued that all dis-ease has a psychological cause but to be honest it is not the case. There are many diseases which are caused by environmental stimulus, such as Asthma or a broken leg.

The Shaman specializes in forms of Dis-ease which are attributed to a psychological circumstance.

By psychological it is meant in the original sense of "That which is attributed to the Spirit". In this way The Shaman respects the modern medicinal practices, yet may work in the most traditional sense of Shamanic healing.

The Shaman has some 'real world' qualifications which assist in the treatment of psychological disease. These qualifications are in the field of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Having been trained up to a high level in these disciplines by a 'Master' in the field, The Shaman can integrate any holistic healing into the baseline identity structures.

This may be overlooked by some Shamanic Healers but it is a vital aspect of long-term healing.

A Shaman works on the aspects of a person which exist outside of ordinary consciousness and may be very proficient at this, but if the healing is not grounded into the identity consciousness it may not stick, and at worst can cause internal conflict.

An effective Shaman knows how to integrate Shamanic Healing into the identity structures, and so the person who is healed actually maintains the healing across time.

The client experiences personal empowerment and does not sacrifice their power to the healer.

In other words the job gets done properly and the 'Healed' remain this way for ever, rather than having to keep paying for more and more healing.

Shamanic healing is NOT psychotherapy and it does not take 10 years to heal a person.

If you are interested in the deeper philosophy or techniques of Shamanic Healing, you may find this within The Shaman Guide and specifically here... 'How a Shaman Heals'

If you are interested in learning how to practice Shamanic Healing, then it should be understood that a Shaman must heal themselves firstly and through this process they become able to heal others.

A real Shamanic Healer not only identifies with their client, but they must KNOW the problem inside and out, which is 'The wounded Healer' archetype.

This is why Shamanic Healing can be ultra-effective, because The Shaman teaches the 'Energy Bodies' directly through demonstration, and this is only possible if a Shaman has found the cure for the disease subjectively.

The Shaman is based in Glastonbury, England. Yet some of these healing services can be provided at a distance, but more importantly you can be instructed via Skype or telephone.

At the very least The Shaman may be able to guide you toward the type of healing which is suitable for you at this time, and at the very best The Shaman may leave you in perpetual peace and harmony.

If you have any questions please just ask :)

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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