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The Runes are Magical!

In Old High German, the word run or runa means mystery and those who seek secrets in the runes will not be disappointed.

The old Germanic runic alphabet, or futhark (a word formed from the sounds of the first six runes), consisted of twenty-four symbols written in a traditional order. The Anglo-Saxons added nine more to express additional sound combinations, while the Scandinavians eventually ended up with a simplified sixteen-stave futhark.

For many centuries runes were inscribed on spearheads, brooches, shield bosses, wooden staves, combs, and later, memorial stones. Some of the inscriptions indicate the name of the owner or maker of the object, others appear to be magical inscriptions invoking luck or protection.

Runes were used for more ordinary communications, to identify or tally goods, and the like.

Anglo-Saxon texts were being written in an old mixture of runes and Latin letters. By the time the sagas were written down, the Latin alphabet had become the means of written communication, and when runes were used, it was generally for magical purposes.

As a spiritual system, the runes are based on a marriage of sound and sense, the use of words to give conscious expression to intuitions that are beyond all human language, and to distill order from the chaos of experience.

Today, the best known application of rune lore is in divination and Psychic work.

Chips or stones marked with the runes are drawn, cast, or laid out in patterns. One major use of the runes was in constructing charms and spells. The runes can be used singly, combined as bidrunes, or employed in inscriptions.

Why working with runes is so important...Particularly with the rune readings!

Runes reconnect you with your inner resources and wisdom.

When you use runes you increase your self-awareness, relieve stress, heal and clear out blockages in your life.

It is like having your own personal radar system to guide you through life’s storms, treacherous currents, dangerous collisions and shallows where you can no longer proceed on your original course.

When should you turn to runes for guidance?

Rune readings can help you most when:

- You have a specific problem or issue you can not seem to solve on your own. This may be an experience of uncertenty, or a general blockage in your energetic flow.

- You have a general sense of unease or something being wrong, but are not certain what is going on and need help formulating a question.

- You are certain you already know the answer but others disagree and you want to double-check who is right, so as to confirm your own intuition.

- You want a quick picture of where you are, where you are headed and the forces at work in your immediate surroundings.

What is the meaning of the runes?

Understanding of the runes meaning is derived first from their names, and then from the Anglo – Saxon rune poem (which includes all the runes in the Elder Futhark plus several additional runes that are not discussed here). This is along with the Icelandic and Norwegian rune poems (which cover only the staves in the Younger Futhark).

Runic studies are of course an evolving discipline, understanding them also requires a knowledge of the spiritual and cultural context in which they developed and were used.

The Rune reader has taken that bold step into the uncertain world of intuition and divination.

Fundamentally the Runic script is a forgotten language of the conscious mind, yet remains a powerful structure for the unconscious to work with and through, thus revealing the hidden workings of ones soul.

It is Freyja who is schooling The Shaman in Runic lore, who performs the Rune Readings in Glastonbury for you. Here is some information for you: The Goddess Freyja

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