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There are many different types of Shaman as each Shaman colour's their Shamanism with their own personality, identity and consequent belief systems.

This is what makes Shamanism a unique practice or theology whereby the individual does not surrender their individuality.

Many ‘religions’ or theologies dictate what perquisite behaviour is necessary, in order to be a member of their structured belief systems. For example if you use contraception you cannot be a Catholic, or at least you couldn’t until the powers realized their revenues were dropping :)

It is safe to say then that each Shaman works in their specific way.

There are however the consistencies which may be recognized by the open third eye, for this chakra ‘sees’ the patterns and connections between ‘things’.

A Shaman operates within a framework, and it is this framework which exposes ‘How a Shaman Works’ regardless of individuality. The framework is the structure of beliefs which accompany the Shamanic perspective.

These beliefs are formed through experience ALWAYS by The Shaman and are not read or academically understood. The central axis of this belief system revolves around the following principle:

The physical world can be and is influenced by non-physical intention.

This is to say that the physical world we occupy, known as consensus reality, is influenced by forces which operate or exist outside of this reality. Of course this is the basis of ALL religious faith regardless of how the ideas are presented. This belief system alone exposes the most important of questions, and here we may understand how a Shaman works…

Are my thoughts and emotions physical?

The answer is of course yes and no.

Our experience of emotion for example has both physical and non-physical constituents. There is the biological element which can be measured scientifically, in so far as hormonal levels, brain frequency and so on and so forth.

There is also the experience of the emotion, in so far as the conscious awareness of its happening. This identifies a part of the non-physical element, being the ‘WITNESS’ of that which is happening.

This witness is not identified with the experience but simply experiences it!

It is the witness that is the ‘Consciousness’ and this witness may experience both the physical phenomenon and the non-physical simultaneously, if one allows.

The witness by definition does not exist either physically or non-physically for it is in both places at once, yet neither, and this is the Shamanic paradox. Most people are identified with the biological processes of their own being, as is evidence through the language they utilise.

‘I am Angry!’ is very different from ‘I am experiencing anger?’ is it not?

It is the identification with the physical body and thus the physical reality which ensures one remains locked within it.

The Shaman however has a different structure of beliefs, which are ALWAYS based upon the personal experience of alternate realities. The way that The Shaman experiences these alternate realities, is through identifying with alternate aspects of their own self.

This is why A Shaman bangs their drum and does whatever they do, because this facilitates the movement of the WITNESS into an alternate aspect of the self, which is often non-physical. This is known commonly as trance.

The Shamanic belief system is therefore similar to the ordinary religious concept (Non-physical influences physical); accept for it requires not faith but experience.

There is a massive difference between the structures of belief built upon the foundations of experience, and those resting upon faith.

A Shaman has to varying degrees, transferred their witness/consciousness firstly into an alternate aspect of the self, and then subsequently into the frequency of realities that these selves operates within.

It may be easy to understand when one considers a deep sea diver. The diver transfers his body into a diving suit so he can dive and experience the depth. If he did not transfer his body firstly into the suit then he simply would not be able to dive, at least not for too long!

O.K but how does A Shaman work?

A Shaman passes through a series of tests.

The first trial is whereby A Shaman must learn how to maintain their witness/Consciousness when dis-identified from the physical reality.

The second test is whereby A Shaman must learn to venture into an experience of the collective realities, aligned with the perspective they have shifted into. A bit like wearing a diving suit for diving, a space suit for outer space, leathers for bike racing and so on and so forth.

The third test is ALWAYS the most difficult, whereby The Shaman learns how to affect these alternate realities.

This is not to be underestimated, because it is relatively easy to transfer the witness, but extremely difficult to transfer the will-power into non-physical realities. Here there is a massive divide between how different Shamans work.

We could say that there is a distinct line which may be drawn, and upon either side we may identify the two types of Shaman, and more importantly how each on works.

We may however bend your fragile ego in the process and so you are warned…

The experience of life is encountered through the phenomenon of linear time.

We are born which is the beginning and we die which is the end, and all that is between is our life. It is A-B and A = Birth whereby B = Death. It is a straight line and thus it is linear.

This may be understood as a GLASS SCREEN and those on one side are within the structure of linear time, and thus alive. Those on the other side of the GLASS SCREEN are outside of linear time and may be considered dead, at least from the perspective of the living!

Before one is born they are on the same side of the screen as some of those who are dead, as in having lived previously. This is often called ‘The Spirit World’ or ‘the other side’. When a person dies they move outside of linear time and thus return to the side of the screen from which they came.

It really is very simple and has been explained to the living countless times.

The GLASS SCREEN is the perception of linear time and the subsequent spaces which are governed by this comprehension, otherwise known as ‘reality’. As mentioned there are two distinct types of Shaman.

Shaman one has the ability to look through the GLASS SCREEN, and experience that which is on the other side. Not only this but they are able to communicate with intelligence/intent/will which is on the other side of the glass, and so request assistance.

This assistance may be similar to a prayer or plea for help. The intelligence on the other side (non-linear time) then exercises their power and attempts to influence the living, which is of course you and others. This is the way in which Shaman one works, as they have allegiances ‘On the other side’.

Shaman one then utilizes these allegiances in order to affect another living person, who may or may not be their client. In this way Shaman one remains on the living side of the GLASS SCREEN, remaining in linear time, and thus may be understood as looking through the glass.

Shaman two is a different type of creature all together.

Shaman two has moved point B (death) toward point A (Birth) and the GLASS SCREEN has shattered.

This is the Shamanic death. Shaman two is no longer looking through the glass because the glass is no longer there to look through! This Shaman is both dead and alive and thus is The Shaman.

Shaman two has allies on the other side just like Shaman one, but does not rely solely upon them to influence the living, because Shaman two may also work from the outside in. Shaman two is able to transfer their will-to-power into the non-physical/non-linear realities, and then do things which affect those on the other side of the glass, which of course does not exist ;)

It is easy to know the consistencies then, in so far as how A Shaman works, because they both utilise power/will/intention from the other side of the glass. This power is then directed toward an outcome which is experienced on the other side of the glass, or within the land of the living.

The difference in How A Shaman works is a matter of whether they have fully died the death, and nothing more.

A prayer to God is a shamanic ritual, designed with an intention for non-linear intelligence's to affect linear/living experience. A Shaman who may be deemed authentic makes no prayers, nor puts faith in anything not experienced. The authentic Shaman leaves their physical body, through transferring their consciousness and goes and sorts it out personally!

In this way A Shaman is NOT a priest as many consider through the mistranslation, as A Shaman is the walking dead.

This is how A Shaman works, and it has been this way for millennia.

The sacred right of these gatekeepers has been perverted and mimicked by those seeking to control you, and they call themselves priest. But that is another story…

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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