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The Shaman Can Help You Sell!

There is no denying that the residential property market is moving very slowly at the moment across the entire Island of Great Britain.

Our neighbours in Ireland stand with half-finished ghost towns awaiting buyers, and so we do not have it so bad here in Scotland or even England.

There has been and still is a plethora of media programs which give practical advice, wherein rests the things to ‘DO’ which may improve your chances of a property sale.

They refer of course to the physical level of things, and so have great value and pertinent advice, such as 'fit a new bathroom' or 'plant your front garden', or even 'bake some bread' and 'make a pot of coffee'…

These tactics work, yet as the market slows further the competition grows ever stronger.

There are far more sellers than buyers because the ‘foundation’ money through first-time buyers is non-existent. This of course creates a cause and effect system which permeates from the bedsit to the mansion.

The flow has been stopped at the bottom end and so just like a constricted hosepipe, the water or in this case money does not flow.

This does not make it impossible to sell a house but certainly makes it very difficult, as there is much more competition in regard to that ‘Sold’ sign becoming a reality.

And so it is that The Shaman knows that the goal is to experience the reality of SOLD and so the direction is clear.

Due to my previous careers I always start with the end in mind, thus exposing that being in the way of the intent-ended. The Shaman knows where you want to get to, and must understand the reason why you are not there, seeking solutions to the blocks and stimulating the resources.

The end result of a successful encounter with The Shaman is the anticipated one, which in this case is the sale of one’s property, whether in Edinburgh or London, or who knows where.

As acknowledged there are certain physical activities which increase the probability of selling your house, but The Shaman knows this is only part of the story.

A Shaman has access to the realities either side of the physical world, and as such may explore the non-physical reasons for your fixed E-State.

The Shaman asks why your house is not selling, and then receives the information.

The Shaman may then act upon this information, thus solving your problem. It must be made clear that if your house is not up to standard physically then I am of no use to you, for I offer this service to the intelligent, which have dressed their asset well, yet still remain stuck.

Why don’t houses sell according to The Shaman?

There a number of reasons why a well presented house is not selling. The comprehension must be divided into categories in order to be understood.

Box one is whereby the reason rests with the individual who is selling the house. This is to say there may be a personal reason why the house is not selling, relative to the owner. The owner may be energetically bound to the location due to identity structures, memory patterns, ancestral bonds, Astrological significance, Feng Shui processes, self-punishment, poor future orientation and so on and so forth…

The point is that the actual owner may consciously be driven to sell their property, yet at the same time unconsciously driven to remain there. The Shaman knows how this works and the solution is straightforward and simple, as the unconscious ‘Block’ is exposed and worked through, the external reality shall reflect the change and the house shall be sold.

Box two is whereby a non-physical entity which is attached to the property has taken a fancy to the owner. This is deemed as an attachment and it works in both directions, whereby the ‘Ghost’ prevents you from leaving and a part of you is in a relationship with this ‘Ghost’.

Very rarely is it a ghost who does not like you or hold value in your presence, otherwise you would not be there would you?

The question which The Shaman asks is ‘Are you being fed upon by a negative entity which desires to keep you within its control structure?

Or are you there with a pleasant ghost who likes you and simply does not wish you to leave?’

Obviously the answer directly affects the necessary action of The Shaman.

Now if it is a negative entity which has a preference for your taste, any potential buyer may turn up and consciously think ‘What a great house’ yet later on when they receive a communication from their own unconscious mind, the result is ‘Stay Away!’

Every person has intuition and this is known as a ‘Gut feeling’ and it is this intuition that warns the buyer, in so far as if they buy your house they too shall fall victim. So it is then that they like the house but not the ‘energy’ which exists within it. No Sale!

Box three is all about time and personal space. It again relates to the owner but also the buyer. These are two individuals (Groups) which must coordinate in reality. There must be a meeting and this meeting is all about the exchange. It is similar to going upon holiday and one must exchange currency for that which is recognized as having value, in that place at that time.

So there must be a buyer who recognizes the value of the influence of the property upon the owner.

Once again this is an unconscious communication between people.

For example a happy and optimistic couple are selling their house, and along come a grumpy pair of miseries. They are not going to like the positive Affect and so reject the house, because the owners are far too happy for comfort. So it is then that the owner has attracted the opposite of what they are (Opposites Attract), and so it is that the exchange is impossible.

Now the happy couple can become miserable to sell to the miserable couple, but then they may just attract a happy couple once they are miserable. It is all about that which is being attracted to the exchange, and in this case it is the buyer. Of course in this situation the buyer is also a seller and vice versa.

The point is that there is complex energetic web relative to the relationships between seller/buyer, the relationships to the location, the relationships to non-physical entities within that location, and of course those entities which are residing in the future location.

The Shaman pulls the strings of this web and thus works you into the position which suits you well.

How does it work?

Firstly The Shaman must investigate the entire situation and reach the necessary conclusions.

It is depending upon these conclusions what actually takes place.

For example if it is a negative entity requiring to keep you in place, like food in the fridge, then The Shaman shall exorcise this ‘Ghost’ effectively thus opening up your potential sale.

In addition to this The Shaman must consider why you were attracted to this place and its ghost in the first instance, thus assisting you personally so as not to move into a similar situation, as in your new house.

If for example it is a matter of attracting the correct vibration of buyer, then The Shaman shall work behind the scenes to work this magic, in order to manifest this buyer into your reality.

If for example you are working in opposition of your destiny then The Shaman shall call upon their friend.

Their friend is a Feng Shui expert, and this is nothing to do with the location of furniture, but the ancient art of Chinese metaphysics. The Feng Shui master shall create a report based upon your unique self, utilizing numerology and Chinese Astrology.

This report is designed to bring together your unique self in recognition of the space you occupy, and the times that you occupy it. In short it shall reveal whether or not now is the time to move at all, and if it is where and more importantly why!

If it is not the time to move then you shall be informed as to why not and when the time is best, so you may relieve yourself of frustration, invest your energy more effectively and ultimately know where you are, and when you are going.

It is a common exercise with the Eastern cultures yet here in the West there are few who understand, and even less who may interpret these ancient considerations.

To be honest in most cases it is all of the above in different quantities.

How much does it cost?

As ever this depends upon the work which needs to be done, as every case is different.

Ordinarily your house would be sold within a few months and during this time The Shaman would also offer protection, along with consultation in regard to your future property.

In this way the service is fully comprehensive, and The Shaman often visits a potential property before you commit to buy. The Shaman shall of course clear your new property as part of the service to ensure your best possible start.

If for example you are attracting many viewing's yet no sales then it is a matter of attraction/exchange protocols as mentioned. The Shaman shall then work in the background weaving the necessary webs, in order to attract YOUR buyer. Once again a sale should be anticipated within a few months.

Is there any guarantee?

Yes and no.

The objective is of course for you to sell your house and find another where you may be happy.

The manner in which the Shaman is paid requires no Guarantee because you do not pay the full price until your house is sold.

You only pay the initial amount for The Shaman to commence the work, and the balance is payable upon the satisfaction of our relationship, as in you have sold your house.

For example if the overall cost is £1000 then you shall only pay £250 for The Shaman to do the initial work. When your house is sold and only then shall the balance of £750 be due.

This also shall be linked to deadline (negotiated depending upon the work needed), and so even if your house sells one day after this deadline you pay nothing more.

The Shaman seeks results and so is motivated in this way.

It matters not how valuable your house is as this is your business and not mine. The journey is the same for the millionaire and the ordinary family alike. I do however offer discounts to those who may convince me I should ;)

What do I do now?

If you are interesting in selling your house then simply contact The Shaman.

Email is best for me as I can read your issue immediately, thus deciding if I should help or even can.

Ordinarily I would then come to the property in question and spend some time gathering data, whereby I would require meeting you also.

The best thing to do now for you is to consider whether your ‘Gut Feeling’ tells you I can help.

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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