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Ghost In My House?

If you think or feel that you have a ghost in your house then you probably do.

The Shaman is predominantly a sensitive individual, and it is because of this extra-sensory perception that A Shaman, whether in England or anywhere, may recognize energies which the ordinary person may not.

In truth everyone has a ‘sixth sense’ but it is the Shaman who exercises and develops this ability.

This is why an ordinary person may become aware at times of ‘something’ else being around them, as many people are able to experience this, but it is The Shaman who may actually do something about it.

Symptoms of a Negative influence Ghost are:

A creepy feeling of being watched. Small objects going missing. Nightmares. Waking up drained and feeling depressed. General bad luck. Anxious pets. Spontaneous lethargy. Repeated illness. Feeling a chill to the bones. Arguing amongst family members. Recurring Headaches...

Symptoms of a Positive influence Ghost are:

Spontaneous feelings of joy. Feeling warmth for no reason. General happiness in the home. Waking up refreshed. Inspirational thoughts. A general feeling of security. High personal energy...

It must be said here that there are generally two types of Ghosts that may be influencing the living. There are Ghosts which become attached to people and there are Ghosts which become attached to places.

The first thing the Shaman must do is investigate which type of attachment the individual is experiencing.

If you feel that you already know that a Ghost is attached to you personally then Energy Healing may be what you require.

How do you tell which is which?

If you experience a reduction in the symptoms when you are outside of your property, then the chances are that the Ghost is attached to the property and not you.

There may even be a location within an individual property such as a particular room which triggers the symptoms. The symptoms revolving around sleep may fall into both categories of course, and only by sleeping elsewhere for some days may this be self-determined.

If you just don’t know then don’t worry because The Shaman does.

Anyway… Let us look at some of the symptoms more clearly and define negative & positive influences.

As you can tell from the symptoms of the negative Ghost’s influence there is a general decrease in overall energy and this results in reduced power to live the life we all deserve. This is where The Shaman steps in because this is not acceptable on any level.

Why is a reduction in energy the major symptom?

We as living Human Beings have the ability to generate our own energy supply, through eating.

The food we eat is converted into electromagnetic energy which we utilize to move, think and actually live across multiple concurrent realities.

The deceased has no such body with which to eat and so must find an energy source. This would be you then.

Unfortunately the deceased who has become trapped between the dimensions is destined to become a parasite, for they must feed upon the living.

In the worst cases the Ghost may attempt to gain full control over the ‘host’, and this is known as possession, but this is extremely rare.

In most cases the Ghost simply exists in the immediate proximity of the ‘host’ and drains off the necessary electromagnetic energy.

This is not only relevant to the influence of the deceased, because if a person is constantly thinking of another then this is where your energy is going. This is known as obsession.

If you ‘can’t get someone out of your head’ then the chances are you are being influenced by another living person. If so then Relationship Healing may be useful for you.

A Ghost shall hang around the living in order to feed upon their power.

This is neither negative nor positive.

It only becomes negative when the Ghost is greedy and very hungry for then the living person becomes weaker and weaker, as the Ghost becomes stronger.

The Ghost will always have a particular ‘taste’ and may prefer to feed upon positive energy, and thus influence the living in this direction. This may be a very beneficial circumstance provided the Ghost does not get greedy.

The negative Ghost simply has a liking for negative energy and must influence you to feel negative so it may feed upon the buffet which is you. The Ghost shall influence you to experience a reality which makes you feel shit, and so dinner is served.

This is where The Shaman steps in because if you do not wish to feel negative then we have a problem right?

Either you agree to feel shitty so you can feed a shitty Ghost or you have to get rid of the Ghost.

Now it must be said that getting rid of a Ghost can be problematic, because a Ghost will fight for its existence just as any sentient creature. This is where respect for life becomes the most important factor.

I have dealt with thousands of discarnate spirits and around 90% are just lost and confused, simply desiring to exist. All they require is some orientation and direction toward a better place for them to exist, known typically as Heaven…

Then there are the 10% who are simply addicted to reality on Earth and think they can take the piss.

These are very rare indeed and are often the Ghosts of deceased Shaman, Priests, Witches and occultists. If you have one of these about then the chances are you are a Shaman or a Witch or whatever term you prefer, and it is for YOU to face the Spirit in question, but I can help through Shamanic Training where you can claim your own power?

In truth it is almost always either a confused Ghost or a scared one.

The issue with the negative Ghost is often that they hold a belief system based upon guilt, and consider themselves unworthy of movement into the lighter side of realities.

It is the Guilt and Fear which weigh them down quite literally and as such they remain in this perpetual state, known as Limbo. It is this guilt and fear which a living person experiences when meeting such a Ghost!

It is the job of The Shaman to negotiate and ultimately educate the Ghost as to the truth of their situation, with a view to moving them into a state of Grace. Most Ghosts will jump at the chance of movement because living like a parasite is a terrible reality. Imagine having to feed upon the living and the fear of being found out akin to energetic death.

The intelligent Ghost is often never discovered.

It is the greedy Ghost that is often discovered because they take the living piss.

The truth is that the Ghost is cut-off from access to the higher dimensions of existence and it is but a matter of connecting them. Simple right?

It can be, and most Ghosts can be assisted rather quickly, but there are those that are drenched in guilt and fear, and it is here where The Shaman works their magic.

The Shaman feeds upon the heavy negative energy surrounding the deceased spirit, thus allowing them to literally rise toward the ‘lighter’ dimensions.

It is called ‘The light’ for a reason!

But what does the Shaman do with this negative energy?

This is a very good question and it is why it costs money for this service, because it is not a simple thing to process dense, negative energy. The process is rather straightforward and it begins with an Email.

Send me a message and let me know how you are experiencing the situation, and from here I can let you know what is what.

After we have decided if we may assist you the next step is an initial geographic consultation (in the property), whereby an assessment shall be made as to the necessary work.

The consultation costs £666 and lasts around an hour.

I live in Glastonbury but we are prepared to travel within reason.

If the job can be done within this hour then there shall be no extra costs. This may be in 70% of cases. If the work cannot be completed during this first consultation, an outline of the necessary work shall be explained and a fixed price offered.

There is absolutely no obligation and I NEVER use scare tactics.

We are honest and I am frank.

The initial consultation fee is often enough to do the work and so this is a reflection of my time alone, and it also redirects those we do not wish to assist toward a better circumstance.

The objective is of course to alleviate the negative symptoms for you, and ordinarily there is an initial dramatic improvement, followed by a kick-back and then a slow and steady progress toward lasting peace.

The entire process takes around 28 days from beginning to end. During this time you shall be monitored and protected by The Shaman.

My advice is to always follow your intuition and if you feel the urge to email me then please do so.

I am always interested in your story and may at the very least be able to give some FREE advice.

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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