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Shamanic Insight For Business

The Shaman works in many different capacities and has access to many different tools and knowledge bases.

Business is all about the exchange of energy.

This energy may be in the form of goods, money, services or simply labour. It is all energy. For example any person who works for a particular wage, as most do, is simply exchanging their energy which is their life for something which may be exchanged further, which is money. They are in fact selling the time they have within the physical body which is limited and thus valued.

It is personal energy and this is personal power.

The business owner of course understands how to convert and direct the energy of labour at their disposal into something else of more value, and thus turn a profit... Honestly?

Although The Shaman has always been a Shaman he once was also a very successful salesman, and has operated businesses with a 700% Gross profit margin. Umbrellas and rain.

The Shaman knows how the conversion of energy into power operates and as such may manipulate the exchange, which is of course good business.

The advantages become evident when one considers collective perception.

This to say that most people are programmed to operate with certain value systems, inherited through familial circumstance. The truth is that these value systems are often limiting.

For example there may be an individual who is part of a genetic lineage that has always traded their power for minimum wage, and so it is that they have no imagination or conception of an alternative.

The collective perception is of course locked into this system of values and their subsequent exchange rates. If the overall collective were not locked into this system of limited value exchange, everybody would be self-employed would they not?

The Shaman is able to initiate alternative states of being, which alters the ordinary perception.

It is from this altered state that opportunities missed by the ordinary are identified, and thus they may also be ‘Capitalized’ upon.

Every business strategy is only as powerful as the perceptions of those who formulated it. This is akin to the fact that a computer is only as intelligent as those who programmed it.

Every plan is only as effective as those who created it, and of course those who may implement it.

The Shaman ‘sees’ concepts and possibilities that the ordinary do not, and as such adds value to any business strategy.

The Shaman also understands the unconscious mind and as such anticipates Human reaction. It is within this cause and effect strategy that The Shaman is able to manipulate that which may happen, well before ordinary people consider it does.

How can the Shaman help my business?

The Shaman must first understand your objectives and your overall business strategy, for it is your business after all.

After The Shaman knows you inside and out, we follow the threads which connect you to realities. These threads include ALL associates, suppliers, Employees and so on and so forth.

The Shaman then formulates the initial report, which shall quantify each individual and organization involved, as to their usefulness in aligning with your intention.

For example if you have a member of staff who is not honest in their actions they would be identified as such.

For example if your supplier is likely to enter dis-incorporation then you shall know.

The truth is as hopefully you already know, that information is power within the capitalist system.

If you know something before a competitor then you have the upper hand, and thus you may capitalize upon your knowledge.

The Shaman gives insight that you shall not find anywhere else, and because The Shaman once was operating within the capitalist structure, we can translate the acquired intelligence into a format which may be understood by those within the structure.

The first advantage therefore is a huge R.O.I in so far as you shall become the one within your market, who has more intelligence/information than your competitors.

It sounds a bit like bullshit?

To the modern mind trapped within the structures of Post-Christian indoctrination and mass social engineering, it certainly does.

The truth may be uncovered in the study of history however.

EVERY successful individual always had a Shaman very close by, in order to receive information that they could not ‘see’.

Consider Alexander the Great and his Shaman, who was Aristotle. Every Imperial ruler for 2000 years has kept a personal Astrologer close at hand, and Astrology is the Shamanic science of time and space, considering cause and effect.

Consider Hitler and his occult elite. It matters not what the intention was/is of the individual, they always have spiritual back-up, because they knew the power of information.

This is why each was successful in their way, and success may be measured through the implementation of strategy.

What else can The Shaman offer?

There are considered to be two types of thinking pattern.

There is linear thought which is moving in a straight and coherent line, linking pictures/thoughts together and this is left-brain dominant.

There is lateral thought which is the spontaneous emergence of pictures/thoughts which may or may not be related, and often appear fantastical. This is creative thinking and is right-brain dominant.

The truth is that there is a third pattern of thinking, and this is the paradox between the two afore mentioned. It is the state of emergent Genius, often documented as being experienced whilst within a hypnogogic state.

This is the state between awake and asleep. This is the state The Shaman occupies with ease and it is the place where the linear and lateral blend, into a coherent whole. It is the state of powerful insight.

The Shaman can also teach YOU how to access this state of thinking.

So it is that 90% of all business strategy is linear, which is logical yet also limiting. It is the horse with blinkers missing all that exists outside of their perception. The opposite is of course the ‘creative’ who is lateral thinking, and in the worst cases they are ineffective, irrational and often without wealth.

Both styles of thought when bought together of course form a cohesive team, making for a successful commercial enterprise. The ‘creative's’ are paid to create and the analysts are paid to analyze, thus the corporation is balanced.

The Shaman rests in the space between these opposites for the Shaman is the student of balance.

It is from this place of balance whereby The Shaman ‘sees’ that which the opposites do, yet also ALL that they do not. The Shaman may of course whilst working for you then provide you with the information. This intelligence often involves future strategic movement across time, as the Shamanic state is of one incorporating divination.

The Shaman can also teach YOU how to access this state of hyper-intelligence.

The Shaman shall be able to provide you with a comprehensive business strategy, that you are guaranteed to never have experienced. The intelligence is acquired from outside of time and space, and as such it is the most powerful kind of information, as the overall perception of the information is so vast.

The Business strategy is not imprisoned within the limited polarized processes, and as such may facilitate the most rapid increase in profit possible.

So you trance out and then write a report?

Yes and no. The Shaman is familiar with the influences of certain factors unseen by the ordinary. The Shaman begins to negotiate with these forces on your behalf, and the consequence for you shall be experienced as good-luck, and a clear pathway to success.

The Shaman also has associates in the Physical world who specialize in various energetic disciplines, such as Astrology, Numerology, Divination and so on and so forth…

What about my competition?

The Shaman is able to offer bespoke services in regard to your competition, although The Shaman shall never harm another.

How much does it cost?

This depends solely upon the time it takes to perform the tasks.

If for example you have an organization of 50 employees and you desire each one to be assessed, this can be achieved relatively quickly depending upon your motivation. If you want the best staff (loyal & honest) identified before redundancy protocols, this can be done for around £1500.

If you want a comprehensive business strategy producing for the following 5 years, and you are an organization of 5 staff, the entire service may be between £1000 > £3000.

If you desire The Shaman to train you in the methods of acquiring Shamanic States then this ordinarily costs around £1000. It takes about 5 hours across a few weeks. I only work with strong individuals.

If you desire The Shaman to train your sales team in order for them to increase productivity by 5% and there are 40 of them, then there would be a flat-fee of around £2000 with an additional above target achieved bonus (To be negotiated).

What is the next step?

The Shaman begins all processes through Email and as such it is better for you to Email The Shaman. If there is the possibility of assisting you or your organization then we would arrange a personal meeting, considered to be a consultation. This consultation carries a fee which is negotiable.

Are you serious? Deadly Sirius.

If you meet The Shaman you shall know how all you have read is easily evidenced. Enjoy your day now!

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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