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Magnetic Field or Aura?

'An Aura' is a spiritual term used to describe the Bio-energetic field emanating and surrounding all ‘living’ things.

This is to say that all biological processes, including Human Bodies, produce an electrical charge which forms a cloud or field around the organism.

The word Aura comes from Latin Aura and means ‘Breeze, wind, air’.

So it is that we refer to the air surrounding an organism and this air is charged with the electrical current emitted from this organism. Every organism is different at any one time and so the state of the Aura or Energy field is also unique.

The Shaman and other practitioners are able to literally read this field of energy.

The reading of course relates to the receiving of information and the comprehension of the information received, although sometimes there are letters and numbers within the Aura or energy field also.

The energy field or Aura surrounding an individual organism reveals much about the current state of the organism.

The truth is that many diseases pre-exist within the energetic field, well before they become physically manifest. Most physical ailments have a reflective aspect within the Aura, as do ALL psychological complaints.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of having your Aura read are similar to having a check-up at the dentist, whereby cavities may be discovered and repaired before one loses a tooth.

In this sense The Shaman does not only read your Aura but is always inclined to repair it where appropriate.

For example a Person may come to see us and be experiencing fatigue which is causing them problems, in so far as enjoying their life to the fullest. The Shaman shall begin to assess the bio-energetic field and search for the subtle causes.

Let us say that there is a place within the aura where movement is restricted, and the flow is obstructed. This restriction may be relative to a particular organ such as the Pancreas. The Pancreas function is thus disrupted on a physical level, whereby the processing or insulin is affected, along with the entire Endocrine system = Fatigue.

The problem may not be diagnosed as such yet The Shaman sees the issue within the Aura.

The Shaman then begins to work as A Shaman does, and subsequently clears the blockage.

The result being that within two weeks the Pancreas begins to perform efficiently, and the client no longer experiences fatigue.

If the assessment resulted in the discovery of a discarnate spirit occupying the Energy field, and it was up taking 30% of the available energy produced by the organism, then of course the client experiences a decline in energy known as fatigue.

In this instance The Shaman may be inclined to liberate this Spirit from the Aura of the client, whereby they would within 3 days, experience an increase in available energy...

There are many examples and I have done this work countless times, yet the result is always the same, although the details differ.

There is a person experiencing some sort of discomfort that is negatively impacting upon their existence.

They spend some time with me and I clean out their Energy field, whilst communicating to them the problem discovered, and within a specified period of time the problem no longer exists.

From here their life improves and overall experience is enriched.

Hopefully you can see that it is not just an Aura reading but also an Aura healing. The benefit is always the disappearance of your pervading disruptive issue, and yes it really is that simple.

How does it work?

Because I require being within 1 metre of those I am working with this service is not available over Skype.

We would normally spend around 2 hours in each other’s company, and this would be in a quiet place. I live in Glastonbury, England but I do enjoy travel.

This is when the culmination of the work would take place, which would shadow the work done previously via Email. Sometime later I would contact you via Email or telephone to anchor the work in via a conversation, and then you would be free.

The way it is done from my perspective is simple. I firstly make an assessment of my own Aura without your influence, and then I study the changes in my own Aura following your influence.

I work upon the reaction protocol, as in ‘Am I experiencing this because of that?’

The Shaman then blends with you fully to experience that which you do, energetically of course. At this point The Shaman dominates your energy field, and so adjusting one adjusts the other.

Our energy fields are then aligned with an archetypal principle, and the negativity is disallowed.

Following this, The Shaman releases control over your aura and leaves you in a much better place, in terms of your energetic health. The experience may be a little unsettling as it is rather intrusive, but The Shaman is gentle in this regard.

How much does it cost?

The average cost ranges between £150 and £500 depending upon the necessary work involved.

You shall always know how much it shall cost exactly before any work is carried out. A fixed price shall be given and maintained following a distance assessment. I simply remote view you and assess how much work is involved, before we meet in person.

If you are interesting in any specific information concerning your particular issue, it is best to email me using the form below.

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