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Astrology was Astronomy

The theory behind Astrology is a simple one. It suggests that the planetary bodies, the stars and their physical location in space influence people.

This is not a new theory and historical evidence can be found dating back at least 10,000 years.

The actual influence of these massive physical objects upon the individual are identified, through an assessment of the time and place the individual took their first breath.

This is known as Natal Astrology and refers to the birth date and location of birth, and the position of the planets at this time.

It is then supposed that these circumstances influence an individual through their lives in varying degrees, dependent upon the current position of the planets, and of course the historic relationship the individual has with them (Natal relationship).

It is considered to be the oldest science known to mankind, in so far as the processes involved are scientific.

There is evidence in the form of architecture within every culture, which indicates the importance of cultural relationships with these planetary bodies. The subject is vast and every Astrologer has their particular skill set and perspective.

The Shaman also has his own perspective.

This perspective as may be expected differs greatly from the ordinary Astrologer, because The Shaman has no faith in modern Astrology.

It is a pathetic echo of what Astrology once was and shall be again.

Take for example the notion that a person has a particular birth sign such as Leo or Aquarius. This is a reference to the notion that when a person was born the Sun was in between the Earth and the constellation, be it Leo or Aquarius. It means that if one looked through the Sun then one would ‘see’ the Zodiac sign, and this sign is known as the birth sign.

This is total bullshit and as such this foundation of Astrology is based upon absolute non-truth.

This is why it is so inaccurate and ultimately ridiculed. The truth is that 2000 years ago the constellation of Leo may well have been ‘behind’ the Sun from 23/07 > 22/08, but now it is there from 10/08 > 15/09. So it is that when an Astrologer says to me ‘You were born on the 5th August and you are a Leo, which means you are this way or that (whatever crap they spout)’ they are fundamentally incorrect. This is because on the 5th of August the Sun was in fact ‘in’ Cancer.

Look at the table of dates on Wikipedia.

The same applies to any Western Astrology that utilizes the Zodiac as a reference point.

The Shaman uses data from Astronomy sources such as N.A.S.A and as such Shamanic Astrology is astronomically correct. This very realization severed my connection to nearly all forms of Astrology. How can we trust information based upon incorrect calculations?

The only factually correct forms of Astrology are based upon the relationships between the planets, without reference to the Zodiac.

So it was that The Shaman began to study ancient forms of Astrology which were at the time astronomically correct, and so may have valid data regarding the influence of planetary bodies upon the individual. This way the myriad of bullshit interpretations may be circumnavigated.

What type of readings do you offer?

The Shaman offers various readings utilizing Astronomy/Astrology.

The most effective however is always the ‘Power Chart’. This Astrological reading is based upon the principle that each planet has a potential power, which rests within the individual.

This potency is relative to both the location of the planet at birth, yet also inter-planetary relationships. The entire chart (Astrology reading) is designed to identify where power resides for the individual, and then orientate the individual toward this power.

For example if a person desires to have a strong family and support them well, then they require the power to do so. Within their Natal chart rests the ‘Map’ whereby the routes to this power may be comprehended. When the routes are identified it is a simple matter of forward projection, whereby the opportune (Relative to objective) future time may be identified.

The Shaman knows how to uncover these ‘Power Routes’ and presents them in a report format, identifying where rests latent potential.

The Shaman is then able to instruct the client at exactly what time and place they should connect to this power, in order to incorporate it. The results are always phenomenal because when it is achieved correctly, an individual quite literally has the power of the planet to express.

In reference to our example of the person who desires a strong family and to provide for them, let us suggest he is a man. It would be wise therefore for this individual to realize his potential connection to Jupiter, whereby he could exhibit benevolent father archetypography. This would ensure he was a ‘Good’ father in one respect.

Now imagine that he wanted to provide financially for his family, and had his own business. The Shaman would identify not only the best time to initiate business protocols, but also teach the client how to connect in real life. I kid you not! If one is a negotiator and has a natal affinity with Mercury then one has the potential to become the most effective negotiator, provided the power can be mapped and incorporated…

The Astrology identifies across the coming years the best time and place to do literally anything you desire, alongside the connection to the power a person may literally become irresistible. Why do you think nearly every King and Queen has/had an Astrologer nearby?

So it is then that this Astrology report is not available anywhere else, and is birthed from years of study and experience. It is also an oddity in so far as it is designed to identify and capitalize upon latent power principles. The Shaman grew up in the eighties ;)

How much does it cost?

The cost of ‘The Power Chart’ is £500 total.

This involves an in depth study into your Astrological circumstances and the revelation of your power in this regard. This report is written by The Shaman and is NOT from a template as most are.

The report includes direct and concise directions toward meeting and integrating this power, as well as the expression of it.

In short you shall know what do and when in order to experience this power.

You shall know what to do and when in terms of expressing this power.

You shall then know how ‘Luck’ is but a deceit designed to keep people dumbed down.

After you receive the report via Email we shall have a conversation either in person or over Skype, whereby we shall cover any questions personally.

All other charts are available upon request and each has its purpose, but to be honest they are less interesting than ‘The Power Chart’

If you are interested in becoming the most powerful individual you know (No Lies) then send me an Email, after this I shall assess you remotely to ‘see’ if we can work together.

Please do not be offended if we are unable to help, because with power comes responsibility…

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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