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Assets Are Threatened?

An asset is any ‘thing’ which is considered to hold value.

This value is relative to the contemporary circumstances, and any anticipated objective.

For example The Shaman has Shamanic insight coupled with the ability for this insight to be communicated effectively.

The capacity to communicate therefore is an asset to The Shaman.

For example a person may value the experience of a secure and contented family, and as such the ‘house’ which is called ‘Home’ is an asset, along with the job they perform in order to pay the mortgage.

Another individual may desire to become a professional athlete, and as such their physical body and their mind become an asset.

Another individual may already have accumulated great wealth and they value the lifestyle facilitated by this wealth. In this case the wealth and its continued existence is certainly an asset to the individual.

Another individual may consider themselves to be attractive physically, and capitalize upon this consistently. As such their physical body is once again an asset.

Another individual may be upon a spiritual path and their ability to maintain trajectory is valued, as a sense of purpose. In this regard their will to power is the asset.

The point being that as each person is an individual and as such we attribute varying degrees of value to ‘things’ based upon our anticipated or continued satisfaction.

Why do assets need protecting?

If you attach value to any object, skill or person then you have entered into the Game.

For every action there is ALWAYS an equal and opposing reaction.

The very moment that value it attributed to some ‘thing’, there is a force emergent designed to devalue the very same ‘thing’.

This is the Game we all play whilst ‘living a life’ for it is the game of chess known as balancing the opposites. The Shaman is both the student and the master of this game.

Consider the reality you experience and take note how every single experience has an exact opposite. Where there is happiness there must of course be sadness. Where there is peace there must be war. Where there is Love there must be Hate. Where there is Heaven there is also Hell. Where there is wealth there must be poverty.

.It matters not what/where something is, for somewhere else there is always the opposite.

This reality we call ‘The World’ is the place where the opposite and polarized structures coincide, and so it is we have what is known as choice, or even free will…Sometimes?

Because we ALL exist within this place we are ALL constantly negotiating these opposites, formed through contrasted comprehension.

It is The Shaman who knows this through experience and as such understands how these opposites affect the individual.

It is the simple axis of 'I WILL' vs 'YOU WILL NOT'.

The economy is in decline because the growth of the economy is valued so much.

All of the energetic investment into the value of economic growth MUST be met by the balancing force, which in this case is the recession.

The Shaman talks here of the most fundamental energetic archetype which operates within the sphere of this Solar system. It is the balancing principle.

This force cares not for the individual and nor does it recognize what we call power, such as political power or economic power.

It smashes into us all in the same manner whether we are one or many.

Those that are winning are ultimately destined to lose, as those who are losing are destined to win.

The truth is that whatever you are doing right now in terms of your experience, the opposite experience is encircling you efficiently.

So it is that whatever you attribute value to and thus deem an asset, is being exposed as the very target of the balancing force. I kid you not.

Everything you cherish and all to which you attribute value, has upon it a target painted. It is of course a matter of time before the target is acquired, and consequently molested and devalued.

It is only a matter of velocity and ferocity in regard to the destruction of that which you value.

How can The Shaman assist?

The Shaman is one who knows all about this phenomenon of opposites, and as such knows exactly where, when, how, and who the OPPOSING force shall strike next.

The Shaman knows this because he knows why it will strike at all.

The Shaman is easily able, through interacting with you, to identify that which you deem an asset and realize the current threat rate. This is to say that The Shaman can identify when your assets are liable to be threatened, by whom and how. It is through this knowledge that the individual may take precautions in regard to protecting their assets.

The Shaman ‘sees’ IT coming well before you would experience IT'S arrival.

The Shaman can then communicate to you the best course of action in regard to maintaining your assets.

Do not be fooled as you shall have to sacrifice something to the balancing force, but The Shaman can assist you in protecting that which you value most.

How do you do this?

The Shaman connects to your entire structure of self, known as your Soul, and then makes an assessment as that which you value and why. The Shaman will often engage in a conversation with you whereby this information can be confirmed.

Following the assessment The Shaman shall investigate the anticipated continuation, of you experiencing your assets. This is to know what is the most vulnerable and why, which is of course communicated to you.

Following this The Shaman may provide you with a specific plan of action, designed to ensure you both realize and maintain the value of your assets.

So you just give advice?

Initially yes. However the ordinary person is often ill equipped to negotiate with the force which is set to devalue your assets, whatever they may be.

The Shaman however is fully able to negotiate on your behalf with the forces at play, for The Shaman may become the referee when it is appropriate.

Quite literally The Shaman will become as ever your emissary in relation to the Archetypal forces which make this ‘Reality’.

This is the ancient rite of The Shaman and it is the value of The Shaman within this world and their community.

How much does it cost?

The cost of service depends upon one single factor. This is whether you are able to negotiate with the forces afore mentioned.

For example the initial assessment of your assets including anticipated loss is around £300.

Following this you shall be informed with a strategic plan with a view to maintaining your experience of these assets, thus keeping them. If you consider that you are now able to play the Game with the outcome being in your favor then our work is done.

If you desire The Shaman to negotiate on your behalf then the costs depend upon the value of the assets, your proximity to the devaluating force, and the influence of your immortal Soul including its current trajectory.

What do I do now?

If you consider that you value anything and you understand what has been written here then we may be able to assist you.

In the first instance it is better to write an Email using the form below and The Shaman ALWAYS replies. From this initial contact we may or may not have a one-one conversation, either in person or utilizing Skype.

The service offered here is not geographically restricted, and as such it matters not where you are upon this Earth. I do however live in Glastonbury and welcome meeting in person.

The Shaman Lives To Communicate :)

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